The seven steps of the identity journey.

Our method: a step-by-step journey

Brandability® is a consultancy service which accompanies the customer on a journey involving an analysis and assessment of the business and its identity (in terms of Purpose, Mission and Values), of its brand positioning and path to sustainability.

Brandability® - Le tappe del viaggio identitario


  • Identification of a deep and engaging purpose capable of directing corporate vision.
  • Definition and sharing of values and corporate culture.
  • Strengthening of business reputation.
  • Stakeholder engagement and management of material topics related to the development of the business.
  • Definition of distinctive and consistent identity on which to base communication strategy.

Areas of action

Reputazione d'impresa
Stakeholder Engagement & Management
Stakeholder Engagement & Management
Material Topics
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Communication Strategy


We analyse the history, behaviour and original spirit of the company in order to identify what motivates its people.

After having defined the universal and timeless values guiding the company, otherwise known as its Master Idea, we identify and codify its Purpose, the inspirational primary objective conveying its impact on people’s lives.

  • Study: Company’s ethos
  • Incubation: Company’s role in the world
  • Illumination: Master Idea
  • Illustration: Company’s purpose

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 We align values to purpose to support the strategic development of the organisation.

These values strengthen team cohesion. Rethinking them results in a better guidance of the decision-making process and enhances the business-society balance.

  • Charter of Values
  • Code of Ethics
  • Communication Plans

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We assess the reputational positioning of the company and identify the actions needed to fill the gaps.

Referring to both internal and external sources, we analyse the effectiveness and impact of communication on business reputation thanks to a detailed and exhaustive series of variables consistent with the RepTrak® Model. Together with the customer, we then study and prepare the actions needed to create and strengthen reputational capital by implementing strategy and communication plans directing the business towards the desired positioning.

  • Reputation Dashboard
  • Reputation Management Plan

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Stakeholder Engagement & Management

We help companies to establish and strengthen relations with stakeholders

We begin by mapping and classifying stakeholders and support companies in their use of specific communication tools, essential for obtaining the Social License to Operate.

  • Mapping and classifying of stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Management Strategies

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Material Topics

We design a materiality matrix highlighting the topics that the company and its stakeholders consider most important.

After having mapped and classified the stakeholders, we carry out a context and materiality analysis aimed at understanding, firstly, the topics that influence the actions and strategies of the company secondly those that influence the interests and choices of its stakeholders. Finally, we design a materiality matrix in which internal and external topics are ordered, bringing to light a limited number of topics to guide the commitments, actions and reporting of the company.

  • Context and Materiality Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Materiality Matrix

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Brand Identity

We identify the elements that distinguish a company in order to create a consistent and effective identity ecosystem.

We build an identity matrix capable of mapping the distinguishing elements of the company: these represent the central pivot around which every action and project revolves and are a prerequisite in defining and finalising the company strategy.

  • Brand Identity Matrix
  • Brand Identity Strategy
  • Rebranding

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Communication Strategy

We develop content and creativity strategies to improve the storytelling of brand identity and positioning of the company.

By linking the outcomes of the previous steps, we can now define and implement a communication strategy through which it is possible to achieve the desired positioning, improve reputation and increase stakeholder engagement.

  • Creative concept
  • Corporate Communication Strategy

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Other services


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Corporate Communication

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Comunicazione di impresa
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