Corporate Communication

Listening to and engaging stakeholders, and giving consistency to communication across all channels.

Building long-term relations based on trust and transparency

We begin by analysing the very heart of the company – its values, experience and future aspirations – in order to define and implement a multichannel communication strategy focussed on user experience. This strategy should engage, move and generate interaction, but also contribute to strengthening reputation.

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  • Adoption of an integrated communication strategy, guided by Purpose and company identity.
  • Identification of goalsformats and channels to strengthen reputation
  • Engagement of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Effectiveness in terms of creativity and usability thanks to optimisation strategies.

Areas of action

Corporate Website
Company Publications
Bilanci cartacei e digitali
Paper and Digital Reports
Digital Marketing
Social Media & Digital Marketing

Corporate Website

Strategy, creativity and IT technology for websites in line with customers’ targets and requirements of users.


We develop websites, from strategic consulting to continuous updating and maintenance, thanks to our analytical and creative skills (web copywritingUI and UX) and technological skills - SEOsoftware design, development and optimisation.

  • Corporate websites, aimed at strengthening reputation by articulately narrating financial, human, social and relationship, intellectual and natural capitals as well as strategies for the future.
  • Product websites, company offer showcases and touchpoints to communicate with customers and stakeholders.

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Company Publications

We manage the content and creativity of our customers’ publications.

From the selection of content and relevant topics to the definition of concept, from copywriting to graphic design: we manage our customers’ publications with an aim to providing a distinctive product which guarantees a consistency of corporate identity and capable of conveying strategic messages and significant information.

  • Company profile
  • Codes and policies
  • Brochures, leaflets, flyers
  • Posters
  • Third-party Advertising

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icon/aree-azione/corporate-communication/Bilanci cartacei e digitali

Paper and Digital Reports

Our creative and technological skills add value to financial and sustainability reports.

Bilanci cartacei e digitali

We work side by side with our customers in the creative projects of financial, sustainability and/or integrated reports and related promotional material - leaflets, posters and videos. Furthermore, we develop digital reports which reduce the complexity of the topics covered and increase usability thus highlighting the most significant information and key message of the company.

  • Art Direction and layout
  • Analysis and selection of content and summary data
  • Creation of promotional material
  • Design and technological development of digital reports
  • Creativity & Production of video highlights

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Smartphone and tablet iOS and Android solutions for a company at your fingertips.

From planning and design to technological development. We create apps for mobile devices to make communication between our customers and their internal and external stakeholders more direct, engaging and user-friendly. We especially focus on Investor Relations apps.

Amongst the other solutions created by us, customisable according to customer requirements:

  • InTouch App, for internal communication during emergencies;
  • Booking App, for the booking of shared spaces.

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Together with our customers, we design and develop videos which contribute to spreading the company vision and enhancing relations with its stakeholders.

We create moving videos and informational videos throughout all stages of production, thus contributing to the expression of company vision and culture and/or communication of data and performance with infographics and highlights.

  • Concept
  • Creation of a storyboard
  • Selection of the soundtrack
  • Filming and assembly
  • Editing of special effects and animation of text and visual elements
  • Third-party filming support

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Social Media & Digital Marketing

We design and create content strategies for social media and performance marketing activities.

Digital Marketing

From the editorial plan to ad hoc content and promotion on social networks and Google: we monitor our customers’ digital touchpoints, increasingly more important and strategic to building reputation.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Tik Tok

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Corporate Storytelling
Art Direction & Visual Design
IT Solutions

Corporate Storytelling

We present a story-like narrative of companies in order to enhance reputation, engage stakeholders and build long-lasting relations.


Every company has a story which we tell in a unique and consistent way thanks to a cross-channel communication strategy and strong format potential. Projects and strategies thus presented stimulate engagement and dialogue in which goals and values are shared and trust is built.

  • Creative concept & Tone of voice
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting & Web Copywriting
  • Creativity & Video Production

Art Direction & Visual Design

We manage the art design of all our projects with an aim to providing a creative and effective experience.

Comunicazione di Impresa Art direction

With a focus on care and precision, we offer support in creating tailor-made visual elements - infographicsillustrations and advertising – whilst maintaining consistency in all touchpoints. In our digital projects - websitesonline reportsintranets and apps - our UI Design skills are fully exploited, allowing a more effective and enjoyable user experience.

  • Creativity
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • UI & App Design
  • Design System


After careful research and analysis, we design projects that reflect the characteristics and demands of users.


Thanks to our UX Lab in Ivrea, we are able to carry out qualitative and quantitative research on users, delving further into any critical points arising in order to create successful projects.

  • Workshop
  • Research & Analysis
  • Prototyping
  • User Interface
  • User Test & Remote Testing


We believe that SEO optimisation plays a pivotal role in orienting digital communication.


We do not believe that SEO optimisation is the last step of digital communication projects. We assess the desired goalstargets and results, guaranteeing the best performance in terms of visibility and search engine indexing.

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • On-site & off-site SEO: Wikipedia, Google Knowledge Panel, Google My Business
  • Reporting, via Google Search Console and Google Analytics

IT Solutions

We supply efficient solutions to the demands of our customers thanks to our specific technological know-how.

Comunicazione di impresa IT Solutions

We follow a path which begins with analysis and continues with designdevelopment and problem-solving to provide ideas and solutions in complex technology environments, including integration of heterogeneous systems.

  • Development and maintenance of websites with CMS Drupal and Wordpress and html5/css3/javascript
  • Hosting architecture and web servers, with testing and deployment in stage and production environments (version control)
  • Proprietary DataManager configurable for the automatic import of data flows, strategic KPIs and their graphical representation
  • Digital Integration of systems and applications for the insertion of features and communication with software and third-party platforms.


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Other services


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