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For building a new business model together.

Opening up to embrace change

In a rapidly changing world, businesses are also called upon to provide answers.


We immerse ourselves in reality and in the territories in which we operate, fostering relationships with customerspartnersinstitutions and non-profit organisations in order to embrace new schools of thought, visions and cultures and to build the business of the future together.

Four principles for creating value

  1. Integration
  2. Collaboration
  3. Sharing
  4. Contamination


An Open Platform

Making business the agent of change: this is what we do with our Network. We analyse the transformation journey towards business with a positive impact on the economy, society and the environment.

Officine ICO Logo
Officine ICO

We are the promoting partners and founders of ICONA Srl, committed to the regeneration of the ex-Olivetti factories in Ivrea and the diffusion of topics regarding innovation and social responsibility.

Il Quinto Ampliamento Logo
The Quinto Ampliamento

Together with other prestigious organisations, we are the promoting partners and founders of The Quinto Ampliamento, an association which examines topics related to Civil Economy and the role played by business in society.

occupy AI Logo
Occupy AI

We are partners of the company Occupy AI specialised both in consulting and training on artificial intelligence and in the study of the impacts and repercussions AI will have on the economy.

Quinto Ampliamento
Walls Down: towards the union between profit and no-profit
We wish to assist organisations in playing their role by building a community focussed on projects with a positive social impact and high technological content.


The network of associations we belong to

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