Developing strategies, approaches and tools to generate a business with a positive impact.

Sustainability – the competitive leverage in creating value

A balanced and lasting economic growthSocial progress and an improvement of the quality of life. Protection and enhancement of the environment. These are the three commitments that companies and organisations are being called upon to act according to the shared responsibility described in the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Message Offerta Sostenibilità


  • Capacity to respond to the growing expectations of stakeholders.
  • Reduced exposure to various types of risk including reputationallegal and commercial risk.
  • Opportunity to save as well as profit from the company’s capacity for innovation.
  • Co-existence the local community (social licence to operate).

Areas of action

Cultura di Sostenibilità
Sustainability Culture
Gestione & Pianificazione di Sostenibilità
Sustainability Planning & Management
Stakeholder Engagement & Management
Stakeholder Engagement & Management
Rendicontazione di Sostenibilità
Sustainability Report
Comunicazione di Sostenibilita
Sustainability Communication
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Sustainability Culture

We help companies strengthen their business culture and the role played by sustainability.

Inspired by the 2030 Agenda and its 17 SDGs, we support organisations in:

  • strengthening an identity deeply rooted in sustainability values by placing company vocation before profit goals;
  • acquiring the tools essential for the reading, understanding and implementation of the trends, challenges, opportunities and decisions that follow;
  • designing and creating induction sessions for the Board and training and professional growth plans for collaborators on topics regarding economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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Sustainability Planning and Management

We support the integration of sustainability in a company’s beliefs, processes and structure.

We accompany our customer in the adoption of a systemic approach, source of added value, effectiveness and efficiency, so that sustainability is the competitive advantage lever, achievable when respecting a holistic vision combining strategic and operative dimensions.

  • Sustainability Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Preparation of procedures, policies and codes, including Code of Ethics and Code of ConducT
  • Development of employer branding plans and policies
  • Sustainable management of the supply chain

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Stakeholder Engagement & Management

We support companies in consolidating their relations with stakeholders and identifying material topics.

The choices companies make are influenced and impacted by stakeholders. We support customers in the strategic management of stakeholders after having identified and prioritised them in order to understand and monitor expectationsneeds and opinions. In this way the company can increase levels of consent, prevent and manage risks and be prompted to innovate and differentiate.

  • Mapping and prioritisation internal and external stakeholders
  • Strategic stakeholder engagement planning according to classification
  • Context and materiality analysis
  • Social operating licence and strengthening of communication with local communities

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icon/abstract-set/Rendicontazione di Sostenibilita

Sustainability Report

We work with our customers in communicating sustainability performance in a transparent, accurate and complete way.

We assist our customers on their path towards reporting, enabling them to clarify their commitment to aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) as well as their strategymanagementprogrammes and performance . A structured ad hoc process for all companies which we conduct in accordance with the 17 sustainable development goals.

  • Sustainability Report and Social Report in line with GRI and SASB standards
  • Non-financial declaration in line with legislative decree 254/2016
  • Integrated Report in line with the IIRC framework
  • Reporting, disclosure and management of energy and emissions in line with the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project)
  • Design of the reporting process and subsequent definition of procedures
  • Layout and editing of printed reports and development of digital reports
  • WeRep applications for document collaboration and editing of reports

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Sustainability Communication

We guide companies in defining internal and external communication plans
with the aim of engaging and raising awareness of sustainability topics.

Thanks to a consolidated know-how in business communication, in particular in Digital Marketing and in IT Solutions, we define sustainability communication plans addressing both internal and external stakeholders in order to remain constantly in touch, disseminate corporate responsibility best practices and raise sustainability awareness.

  • Internal communication plans and development of the Intranet to encourage engagement of collaborators, the first ambassadors of corporate sustainability
  • Study and creation of social media strategies focused on sustainability

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