With Lumapps, towards the digital workplace of the future

A new partnership to enrich our offer dedicated to corporate intranets.

Con LumApps, verso il digital workplace del futuro
With Lumapps, towards the digital workplace of the future
4 May 2021

Message operates on the Italian market with a model of offer in the world of intranet business that combines consulting, user experience, design and content to technological solutions developed to meet the internal communication needs of large and medium-sized organizations.

The partnership with Lumapps expands and strengthens this model, integrating one of the most popular platforms at international level, designed and designed to meet the real needs of employees in terms of:

  1. sharing of knowledge;
  2. collaborative participation in projects and working groups;
  3. integration of daily productivity tools.

Among the strengths in fact, in addition to an inclusive approach that guarantees accessibility not only to desk workers but also to mobile workers and front-line workers, Lumapps offers native integration with both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.


Reading the digital workplace of the future

The person at the centre is undoubtedly the first key to interpreting the ongoing profound transformation of the very concept of workplace and enterprise as a community that shares values, culture and economic and social objectives.

Digitization is the second key to access, as it helps us to read the transition from "office" to digital workplace, includes the emergence of new ways of interaction with colleagues and transfers responsibility, autonomy and entrepreneurship from the centre of the organisation to its members.

On these two fronts of change - human-centered approach and digital transformation - the Lumapps solution, which today Message can configure and integrate downstream of a timely analysis of internal communication objectives, is a strategic step towards the dissemination of a new business culture.

"We guide the customer through an identity journey that starts from the definition of purpose, from the awareness of shared values, from reputational positioning and then draw the strategies of engagement of stakeholders and the integrated communication plan. This path, called Brandability®, is declined on the Stakeholder Employee laying the foundations for a solid construction of the digital workplace. Today we also offer our customers all the advantages of the Lumapps intranet platform, in terms of functionality, usability and fast online commissioning."
Alberto Zambolin, CEO at Message
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